March 30, 2016

Today, I lost something valuable that I treasure the most. When it comes to gifts from him, I don’t mind how cheap it is, how it looks like, or how ugly it is, as long as it is from him because I know how much efforts that he put into that gift or things he is giving to me. I really like everything  he gives to me but, I lost something from him — his monthsary gift to me.

That monthsary gift he gave to me was a bracelet, which I really liked it. However, I lost it this morning without knowing where. It slipped into my wrist and I only found it out when I was removing my jacket in his school. At first, I was clueless if I really wore it or not and I hoped that I did not. I told him about this and he was sad and told me to check it once I get home… I could not think of anything earlier except the bracelet he gave to me.

As I reached my apartment, I immediately went to my room and checked if I lost it or I did not wear it… I found out that I lost it. You can find this not a big deal, but it IS a big deal for me. I was really sad and I texted him immediately saying sorry.

I should have been more careful and alert of my things. I should have taken care of the things he is giving me because it is from him. Yet, I’m still hoping that I only misplaced it in my apartment that it just fell off from my wrist…


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