She & He

She hated him
He loves her
She avoided him
He adores her.

She pushed him away
He stays
She ignored him
He waits.

She likes it
He does not like it
She disagrees
He agrees.

They think opposite attracts
Guess what, it is
She is me
He is him.


Happiness for a friend

I got a good news. One of my co-workers sent me a message in viber. I know that I should not use my viber account for this week; however, he sent me a message that made me think, what was he thanking me for. So, I opened my viber and replied to his message. Then something popped into my head. Oh that’s why. He got the job!!! I asked for my brother if we’re there any open positions so I could help him to get in, in line with his profession. So my brother told me yes and he said that my coworker must send his résumé to his email so he could pass it to his boss. I could still remember that day, it was a Thursday, I was reviewing for my final exam in Anatomy and Physiology. I was in distress that day cause I was nervous since I had been receiving failing marks. He, my coworker, sent me an email as well about his “Road to Chicken Pork Adobo.” It made me inspired how he passed through all of his trials while he was reviewing for his boards to be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Because of that, I really pursued in reviewing cause he promised if I passed the exams and got what I needed, he would come to my debut. Wait, this is his story, not mine. So, yeah, he got the job which is in line with his profession. I’m so proud of him even though he is thankful to me because I helped him. He even called me an angel because of that. I think hems waiting for that job to come to him. Thank God. Yet, I’m not the reason why he got that job. God gave that job to him and he helped himself, he was the one who answered the questions during the interview. I was only his bridge, as well as my brother.

I’m going to miss you kuya Gene! I will always be your Pong, Pong Pagong. 🙂 Till next time, although we only got a short period of time of mingling as a friend. I’m going to miss how I started my shift and you were there, nonstop laughing with you. Lol. Good luck for everything! Cheers to new job!