I Travel Full Time, Here’s How I Afford It (And How You Can Too)

Live now, worry later…

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I travel without income. This was a choice, I don’t want to travel and work freelance. It’s distracting. I didn’t win the lottery. This is what I do.

1. Save money

Old school way, no quick fix about it, I’m afraid. I don’t earn that much, but for six months I put about 70% of my monthly income into savings. Yeah, that means I can’t buy a lot of stuff, but really, what’s there to buy in Singapore? I sometimes shop like hell when I’m overseas though –- like a monk gone rogue -– (and my traveling companions can attest to this) but I try not to spend too much here.

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2. Be debt-free

I’m lucky in that I am 100% debt-free. No mortgage, no car payments, no education loan, nada. The only installment package I had was for Brazilian wax but that’s paid off now and…

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