Yesterday, someone approached me if I could sing because they said that all Filipinos could, well that’s mostly the passion and talent of a Filipino. Hence, my new found friends asked me to sing, so I sang “Alone” by Celine Dion, the chorus part.They liked my voice and they were amzazed, they forced me to make an audition for the talent show thing. Thus, they accompanied me to Jerm, the guy who held the audition, and made me sang. I was shocked and I don’t know what to sing. But, I sang to them some chorus of “Alone” of Celine Dion and “California King Bed” of Rhianna. I really don’t know what to sing because it was on the spot, really. I was also shy, because it was my first time, no not first time though but maybe I’m not into this anymore.

Singing was my passion, I really liked singing since I knew how to utter a word and rhythm, but why like this? I used to perform in front of the populace. I used to perform in defferent malls, schools and events, but why I suddenly gave up? My last performance was June 2012 in a theater. I texted Maku, my ex-friend, that maybe I should give up after that certain event because I’m really tired of singing in front of people. He asked me not to because he loved me the way I sang (ugh, Ireally can’t remember what he said) but, he cheered me up and continue singing. After that, I really gave up because when I auditioned in our school to become a member of that club, I failed to be part of them. I felt really terrible.

And that, it was when my singing career ended. Now, I was scared to sing again cause I don’t know of my voice again.


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