Old School

This blog is entitled ‘Old School’ because this blog is all about my ‘future suitors’ if I’m going to have one (seriously please). 

First and foremost, all I have been wishing is that I want a guy who’ll serenade me, like singing a song for me even though his voice stinks or the guitar is broken, all I want is an effort. Furthermore, I want someone who’s proud that he likes and loves me even though I’m not perfect in their eyes or I’m not that beautiful just like the models you’ve been watching and seeing from tv shows, movies, magazines, billboards, and wherever. 

This is the result of watching not-so-romantic movies and reading books with awesome and loving fictional characters. Pardon myself from this blog but, this is what I’ve been dreaming since I knew what’s love all about. 





To this woman:
Thank you for entering my life, for being my friend, bestfriend, sister, mother and so whatever. You’re always there whenever I needed you, thank you! I don’t know how to return all of your good deeds that you did do me. Chos. Hahaha. Seriously speaking, I really miss you “bro.” I don’t know when I’ll be coming back or I’m going to go back pa, cause they have this decision that I’ll continue my studies here. Huhu. That’s the sad part.
Anyway, sorry for all the pain that I caused you. Sorry for being mean (sometimes) and being a hard-headed friend (you already know why). Thank you because you’re there when I was down, I got three strikes this year, I mean last year.
If you wonder why I did this, it’s because you got jealous that he have a space in that collage picture that you just recently commented on. Sorry for that. 😦
As soon as I arrived in the Philippines let’s hang out okay? 🙂 Let’s go to “Love Desserts” then find some quality time again. I missed that moments when I was with you. 😦 Weird moments. Hahaha.
Happy 2014 to you! May all of your dreams come true. Miss you super and hoping to see you soon. Keep safe always and keep in touch!! Love you to the moon & back!
Signed with love,
There might be a snow here in New York tomorrow, where would I place that snow (water hahaha) for you?