Today, I do mean was… Earlier this day, my brother and I went to a gym because there was a “free” session, so it was meant for me since he was already a member there. We took a subway that would go directly to “Boom Fitness,” however, I think there was a maintenance, so we landed at Grand Central station and just walked to our destined place.

I was wearing shorts then, because we were going to the gym since I don’t have any jogging pants with me; we walked 10 blocks more cause we’re at 43rd and we should be at 33rd. My brother and I walked fast, seriously fast… Well good for me then, but ugh. When we got there, I gave my id to be recognized then start some cardio exercise, stretching, weights, and so whatever. I really missed this, I usually do this when I was back in the Philippines.

I was dreaming then of having a collarbone, I just did have today. What I’m dreaming now is to be fit and healthy… Hehehe. Nothing comes easy, I do mean is that no pain no gain, lol. Seriously, I was fatter when I was in elementary and high school.

Anyway, when my brother and I were already finished, we went home. So, we got out of that gym and went to the subway station. However, we went to the wrong way, I just realized it when we already swiped our card. We must went down at the uptown not downtown. What was my brother thinking at that time. So we just walked 10 blocks more in that breezy cold night, 3 degrees Celsius and I was wearing shorts (shorts for gym), and it shivered me. When we were at the bust station, we got our transfer, and we waited for several minutes. I was really cold that time. We waited for a long time, and I think after 20 minutes, yes, the bus came. Woohoo. The sad part was that, the bus was full packed. Saturdays… Psh.

At least we went off the bus one street away from our flat. Hehehe. I really had a great time with my brother. Another bonding time. 🙂


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