Black Friday

My first ever Black Friday last November 29, Friday (obviously) was fun!!! Absolutely. Why? Because it was my first time to buy apparels and shoes in no time, I mean like, super duper shopping. Hehehe.

We went to Jersey Shore in New Jersey (duh). My brother’s friends picked up us in our flat at 4am. Actually, I only slept for an hour or two hours? Who cares, anyway? As we’re going there, yep, I was sleeping (sleep deprived!!!).
We arrived at Jersey Shore Premium Outlet at around 8am. We first took pictures…
After the picture taking, tadaaaa! Shopping! 🙂 We went on different factory stores, stalls where we could buy what we needed and wanted. It took us 4 hours on shopping there.
Here were some pictures of us after…
We finished shopping around 1pm, however we drove off to Atlantic City, which was really unexpectedly at around quarter to 2pm.
We arrived at Atlantic City, I was unconscious cause I was sleeping. We arrived there around 3pm. We parked our vehicle in the parking lot, wherever it was.
Image Image Picture taking was always a must. It was a good memory to be remembered.
Then, we went inside the Bally’s. Image
Afterwards, we walked through the Boardwalk
and we reached the Tanger Outlets. We went to Toys ‘R Us because tita Cory was looking for something. But, she never found anything she wanted for the Christmas gifts for the children in the Church. Somehow, I bought a Nike shoes that I bought at Nike Factory Store. 🙂 I love sales! The sneakers that I bought was pretty amazing and gorgeous. ❤
Anyway, we went back afterwards at our meeting place. While waiting, we took some pictures…
Then, at 8pm, we went back to New York. We’re really dead tired. We’re sent home at 11pm. Gaaaah. But, at least we had fun. Thank God for that day! It was an amazing day! I had a great day with them, super fun! 🙂

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